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    I love Buto..she is one of my favorite goddesses. Thanks so much for your shop...which led to my connecting with her and these awesome things. What you do for the good of people is unmatched. Gosh..you deserve sooo much credit for it. Thanks for making this possible. I feel better than I have in a long time.

    These Tachyon energy stones are wonderful. My mood is so elevated. I can't believe it...it's like magic. It's incredible! Thanks so much for them.

    Blue water healing dragon King

    I am wearing the lemurian bracelet. It's gorgeous!!! Very elegant. I absolutely adore the king. Thanks so much for making it happen!

    by Roswitha Reineke on AreYouBeWitchedToo

    the Vessel is so wonderful,Wow is all I can say, her energy is so Powerful Strong.I will now be a regular customer.Blessings to you Aura

    by Shiva Kali on AreYouBeWitchedToo

    I am new to owning vessels but was called to two very powerful ones. I messaged Aura and she helped me with any and all questions I had! And since then, I have bought 3 others. Every vessel is just as described and absolutely beautiful! Shipping is fast! I am so happy I was led to Aura and this site. I feel at peace, powerful and and enlightened since my spirit family called to me for us to be together. So powerful and beautiful. Thank you Aura!

    by Jane Kiely on AreYouBeWitchedToo

    Hi ive been watching this site and the Spirits for some time.
    Well Just received my First Goddess from here. Well Wow is all I can say, her energy is so Powerful Strong. Immediately She came to me, when I was in a really bad frame of mind. Her Loving Kind Natured Energy, pulled me together. I Highly Recommend, when You get the Call, do not hesitate. I will be regular now. Thank you so much

    by Raven on AreYouBeWitchedToo
    Undescribably Amazing

    When I received my King and Queen Dragons I immediately felt a bond when I touched the ring, the warmth and wave of calm from putting it on just confirmed it! The energy is intensely beautiful and knew why they had called me! Their vessel ring is gorgeous, the eyes to my beautiful dragons. I already feel such a difference and can't wait to for all we will experience together. I most definitely recommend looking here for the spirits who call to you, you will not regret it! Aura is such a sweetheart and knows what she's doing. She has not only a customer but a friend in me as well. thank you all for all you do!

    by Cosmic Night Owl (S.WC) on AreYouBeWitchedToo
    Angel Lightworker Program Attunement!

    I am Grateful, Lifted, & Fascinated by the enlightenment & centering the *Lightworker Program Attunement* has provided for me. After, I felt a Deeper Personal connection had been granted a rites of passage by the Angelics, and now I am ready to receive more wisdom than before!!
    Thank you Aura Rhanes for presenting this wonderful program. Can't wait to see what's next in your store.

    by Carol on AreYouBeWitchedToo

    For anyone who has pain in there life and these days who doesn't these are amazing. Great for my joint pain and migrianes. So great that I shared them with someone else in need to help an elderly friend who really needed them and they did work wonders for her. So much so that I let her keep them. Hey what are friends for? These are a wonderful alternative to harmful meds. Amazing energy and warmth comes from the rods just while holding them. These usually sell out quickly and take a while before Aura can hand craft them and fill them full of healing energy. So get them while you can!

    by Peachy on AreYouBeWitchedToo

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CONNECTING ME WITH MY GYSPY KING! I received him and as soon as placed his vessel which is a lovely brown cats eye ring on my finger I felt vibrations and warmth coming form the ring which holds my beautiful new guide in my life. He is so powerful that he was already visiting me before I even purchased him. Aura has been responsible for connecting me with spirits who have been looking for their lost love or companion for years. I have known Aura for over 10 years now and I am so pleased with all of the spirits that I have brought home. I truly wish that I could bring them all home lol! I am in love with the beautiful Centaur now and am planning on making him mine later. My daughter too as items from Aura that are her protectors and advisors too. So far it seems all of the sprits that she conjures are very easy going and kind and want to help and love their new human companion. She is absolutely amazing and powerful, yet she is very kind and gentle. Please don't hesitate to bring home any item on her site that calls out to you. They will call you very strongly and listen to them for they have chosen you and what an honor that is. Blessed Be to all!

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