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    Layaway Policies and Guidelines:

    We offer a layaway program! This includes all items in the store and up to 4 of the regularly priced $35.00 spirit vessels.

    We are sorry to have to do it this way but there are too many that would put spirits on layaway and take them off to put other spirits or items on layaway or otherwise tie up the spirits that could be calling to someone else and they would never make it to them. We are a small operation and the workload would be too much for us..But this also allows us to continue to give you the excellent customer service and caring you are used to getting from us!

    We are doing this primarily because we realize our jewelry items are out of reach for many and it will give you an opportunity to have some of these pieces in a way that you can afford! Energies and or Spirits can also be added to these pieces as well and that way you get a custom conjured piece as well if you choose!

    You can put anywhere from a minimum $100.00 up to a limit of $300.00 of total items on layaway at one time. You cannot put anything more on layaway until your first layaway is paid off. We do not offer in store credit so please make sure you really want what you are putting on layaway.

    Requirements for Layaway:

    We require 25% down with 0% interest and you have 90 days to finish paying for your layaway. We hold your items until they are paid for and then ship immediately upon receipt of final payment. In the event that you run into trouble making your payments on your layaway simply contact us with a message on Facebook and we will work with you to try to ensure you don't lose what you've already paid on the items. We are easy to work with...staying in communication is all we need from you to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience with us!

    If you want to start a Layaway with us just send a personal message to Aura Rhanes on Facebook or here...Thank you & Many Blessings! Aura

    P. S. If you do want something please PM me on Facebook about it or contact us here...as I said, we are easy to work with and do care and are here to help. We do realize how tough times are out there for many and know that this is the time we need these precious spirits the most...Love, Aura

    We reserve the right to change our policies at any time....

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