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Medicine Buddha Reiki Charged Rare White Jade Necklace! ~ Handmade

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Welcome to the Door Into Divine Healing!

I am proud to offer a absolutely precious offering! This beautiful Rare White Jade and faceted crystal Medicine Buddha Reiki Necklace was hand made and blessed by our own fabulous Lady Lone Wolf and is the most beautiful creation! This Necklace has been Charged and blessed by Aura also with Medicine Buddha which is part of the Usui Reiki healing system. This is a very very powerful piece for use in all your healing sessions and is also a perfect sick call piece for those so inclined. This necklace is 20 inches long including drop. A very special power piece to add to your energy and spiritual healing arsenal! A beautiful piece to gift to a energy healer as well! This would be wonderful to help others with addiction.  This necklace has a strong magnetic clasp.

A little about Medicine Buddha:

The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of Healing. Historically, it is believed helpful to meditate on his image and to chant his mantra with the desire to alleviate suffering and attain enlightenment. It is thought that Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki in it’s modern form, may have meditated on the Buddhist sutra of the Healing Buddha as a part of his efforts to rediscover the original healing practices of the Buddha.

The Medicine Buddha is a enlightened being who has unbiased compassion for all living beings. He protects living beings from physical and mental illnesses and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons – attachment, hatred and ignorance – which are the source of all sickness and danger. He is the ” Buddha Doctor ” 🙂