Golden Light Air Tachyon Healing Disks & Free Dragon!

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Introducing our new Golden Light Tachyon Healing Tools! This is our first offering in our line of affordable Tachyon Healing Tools…We have been working with Tachyon for some time now and have discovered that this is one of the easiest most powerful and safe method of energy healing to be found yet…and we will continue to develop more Tachyon offerings for you as time goes on to get you better equipped to deal with the stresses of modern life and bring your body back into a state of balance to heal itself! To find out more about tachyon and what it is please subscribe to my blog where you will find tachyon information and also alot more fascinating subjects!:) I encourage you to do your own research into this fascinating healing modality too! It’s amazing! These are the Golden Light Air Tachyon Healing Disks and have been tachyonized to provide you with a constant source of Tachyon which can never dissipate and never needs charging. This is a simple and affordable way to balance your system and get back to and stay healthy. We only have four sets of these available right now. You get two tachyonized fused glass disks…one for each palm..and when you buy a set of these you get a free Yellow Air Dragon attached to one of the small peach stones you see! You will receive the name of your dragon and other information about your new air healing dragon…the air dragon will work together with your tachyon disks to help you clear away illness and toxins and also help you with air magick of any kind including clearing your environment/air of toxins. These are level 1 disks to allow for the gradual getting used to tachyon. Level 1 tachyon is still quite powerful. You Simply Have To Try Tachyon To Believe It! And also, you will need to get used to tachyon gradually as it can be a little strong at first for most people to take..although these tools we are offering are a at a level to introduce you to tachyon so your body can adjust and find balance gradually. Also, you may have some noticeable detoxification and other feelings and symptoms associated with bring your body back into balance and healing as well and this is a normal process but you need to pay attention to it so you can help it along..:) Disclaimer: We make no medical claims or promise any results from any of our energy healing tools. If you need a doctor please see one. You must be 18 or older to purchase from our site.


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