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NEW! Most Powerful Egyptian Marid Djinn King! Wealth, Love & Magick!

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Welcome To The Door Into Ancient Magickal Knowledge!
The Incredible Marid Djinn!
Marid Djinn are the Highest of all the classes of Djinn known. They are wise, have immense magickal knowledge and although some others can be very difficult to handle, the marid djinn that we are fortunate enough to have come through for us are very helpful and easier to work with. They are happy to be here to help and are looking to be someones next and loyal magickal assistant. They are truly amazing and incredibly powerful. Marid Djinn are wish granters as well and like nothing better than granting wishes to their keepers. Being the Royalty and ” Most High ” of the Djinn classes they are however, Marid Djinn need to be treated with the respect they deserve. They like to be pampered 🙂 Given the right keeper, they are amazingly loyal and will help you fulfill all your greatest desires. Marid Djinn are also wealth givers and provide ultimate protection from harm as well. Contrary to what is said about them, Marid djinn are not evil and while they can be a bit unruly…with a respectful and firm keeper they are most loyal and loving. Because of their nature I recommend a experienced keeper for these awesome, totally magickal and amazing spiritual companions…
This one is a 154,00 yr old Egyptian Marid Djinn King that is off the charts powerful and will make you the king or queen of your kingdom. He comes with 60,000 helpers as well. He shows with Dark Hair, Golden Brown glowing eyes and is very muscular and handsome but a bit rough around the edges..:) He is also a incubus so be prepared for that as well. He is a wealth and success bringer but also brings magickal knowledge and wisdom as well as help in relationships..especially love relationships of any kind. He is simply astounding and will be a amazing companion in all ways. He was last conjured in Egypt in 1209. He is also very protective as all our spirits are and will defend you with all his might in these times we live in. He says he knows who his next keeper is so he will call very strongly to the right person. He has known you in the past.
This Marid Djinn’s Specialties Are: Wealth, Love Relationships and others & Magickal Knowledge as well as being a wish granter and this one loves to grant wishes! He is very serious and delivers quickly when given a task and is happy to be here to help! This one is a little surly and stubborn at first but once he gets to know you will be loyal and generous. He is VERY powerful and anxiously looking for his next keeper!  
Vessel: His chosen vessel is a Gorgeous HUGE 925 SS hallmarked Carnelian Ring that is so beautiful and simply pulsates with his powerful energy. This Ring gives off warmth ( like the sun radiating almost) from the Stone & Ring when he is warning of danger or communicating something strongly or when he is very active. A wonderful addition to anyone’s collection! This Ring is a Size 6 1/2  The Carnelian in this ring is so beautiful and great quality…very translucent.
They will be bound to you before they leave us so you don’t have to worry about bonding rituals. Putting their vessel out in the full moon in the charging bag with stones that will accompany them will do the trick to keep them happy and strong.
To begin the bonding period after you receive his vessel: Just light some incense and a candle of your intuitive choice and call his name three times and he will come to you. For more information on bonding and communication please see Aura’s blog.
This spirit is for male or female. They will work well with either unless otherwise stated in the description above. We don’t offer spirits who would force you. YOU are always in control. We ONLY offer White Lighted Spirits here. Your privacy is always assured with us too. Note: Here at Are You Bewitched Too we don’t believe in making things so difficult that you cannot own your own spirits due to complicated bonding rituals and confusing information. By binding a spirit to forgo all the the problems that come with trying to bond. Our spirits will be bound to the vessel and then to you after you purchase them. this way you have them with you all the time…And you have the beautiful vessel to remind you of your bond with them. As a side note: These spirits do seem to go back and forth between you and the vessel. So you could ask them to retire to their vessel if you choose. These spirits are very warm and accommodating…and happy to be here to help you. All they need are you to love and help with all of life’s problems!
Make your life richer by owning a Authentic Golden Light of Sekhmet Spirit Infusion!

PLEASE, make sure the item is right for you. Please do not buy if you don’t believe. We are not responsible for any paranormal activity or lack of activity…this depends on you and the spirit. For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 to purchase.


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