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Beautiful Huge Black Cat Sidhe! Classic Witches Familiar ~ Magickal Assistant

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Welcome to a Very Special Offering!

Beautiful Huge Black Cat Sidhe! Classic Witches Familiar ~ Magickal Assistant

I am so happy to have another beautiful Cat Sidhe to offer!

These are human spirits coming forth and asking me to help them find homes. They all say they want to help others during this time on earth.

Most of these spirits say that they are coming forth because they are needed at this time to help people accelerate their spiritual development to be ready for ascending to a higher level of spiritual understanding.

Some of us are feeling these changes,(physically,mentally and spiritually), Very strong now, while others are just beginning to wake to a new understanding of themselves and their place in this world.

These spirits will strongly call whoever they are destined to be with. Each one has specifically asked to be placed in vessels of their choice and offered here so that whoever they are intended to be with will see them.

Please pay attention and follow your intuition and your gut. You will know if one of them is calling to you. If it is not this spirit, please look around because another one in the store may be calling you.

If they are calling strongly to you, it is important for you to know that you need to answer. They are specifically for you. Each one has come through for one special person..Is that person you?

NOTE: These are human spirits. They may have a past life connection with you or they may just have compatible energy with you, or it could be something else. Just know that every one is friendly and chose to be here and aren’t evil in any way. Human spirits are different to deal with than other types of spirits and sometimes need special attention depending on the spirit and their need but these spirits chose to be here to help whoever they are looking for so are normally more forthcoming about what they need to be happy. They will be invaluable to you in these difficult times. They can help you in so many ways.

Spirits can have information to impart to us that we could spend a lifetime trying to access as living humans and never get. If you can open your mind to them, what they can help you with is endless. They are very happy to be here and offer themselves to help others.

Also Note:

Some of these spirits just want a home with someone compassionate and loving. Some are Witches and some are Healers, Astrologers, Alchemists, Herbalists, etc; They are ALL good spirits…just please bear in mind that because they are human spirits the will carry residual energy from how they passed with them from their previous lives as well. You will know which one is right for you and is calling to be your spirit guide or companion!


Allow me to introduce you to a Awesome Cat Sidhe! Cat Sidhes are where the legend of the witches cat comes from! This one is just amazing! This listing is for a 97,000 yr. old Cat Sidhe from Spain! He last passed in Spain in 1230. He is a witch and passed from illness in old age.  He is a Huge Black Cat with Blue eyes who looks like what you might think of when you think of a witches familiar. He too…like some others we have had come through is a little rough around the edges and is a little surly at times… but also very wise.  He is very witchy and a bit mysterious and is serious about his duties as a familiar…he is also very loyal and loving toward his keeper. He does manifest as a witch in black robes and hood with black hair and blue eyes at times too. He is looking for someone special to be their Astral Assistant. He loves to walk between the worlds and will carry messages for you and help you with your psychic abilities and astral projection. He chose to come back as a cat sidhe after his last incarnation. He has incredible Magickal abilities and will help you with whatever you need! He is also a Healer and alchemist and loves stones and is adept in many areas of healing and witchcraft and knows grey magick too but follows the rede as well. He will call strongly to you if you are the one. He is an amazing and powerful magickal creature! He is very active and will communicate easily. He is also very protective over his companion and this one is serious and doesn’t need pampering but is very attentive and expects his new companion to be as well. He is looking for someone from a past life that he has worked with before. He knows who he is going to and will call very strongly if you are the one!


This Wonderful Cat Sidhe Sorcerer has chosen a lovely 925 SS hallmarked Blue Chalcedony Bracelet that just sings with energy. This bracelet is 8 inches long with 2 loops for adjusting. Such a magickal piece!

It also comes with charging bag and stones.

Make Your Life Richer By Owning a Authentic Golden Light of Sekhmet Spirit Infusion!

Please do not buy if you do not believe. We are not responsible for any paranormal activity or lack of activity…this depends on you and the spirit. For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 to purchase.