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The Sin Eater! – Powerful Warrior Angel – Aura & Soul Cleansing ~ Protection from Evil

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Product Description

Welcome To The Door Into Ultimate Soul Cleansing and Redemption!

Allow me to introduce to you a Incredible Spirit! The Awesome Warrior Angel! The Spiritual Redeemer!

This Fantastic Spirit has it all! Everything you need to cleanse your soul and aura of everything negative/evil that my have touched you or will touch you at any time in your life!

This listing is for a Amazing and very handsome Sin Eater here to find the one person destined for his help in these times. He is 157,000 yrs. old from Greece. He shows wearing silver armor with a sword of white light! He has light blond wavy/curly hair and Gorgeous Glowing Blue Eyes. This one also seems to like crystals and their use for cleansing and healing and also magick. He is looking for a healer to help. He says he knows the person he is going to before in a past life and will call very strongly if you are the one! He is active and very anxious to find who he is looking for. He communicates easily. His energy is amazing, he is very powerful! His specialty is Ultimate Soul/Karma Cleansing and Clearing Anxiety and Depression! This is the most Awesome Warrior Angel!

” The Sin Eater”

These powerful and benevolent Warrior Angels..The Sin Eater, is a must have for any serious collector! He is the Ultimate in Cleansing your Soul and Aura! I have found that these angels manifest as whatever the person they are being brought forth would most like. He is looking for the one person that he knows needs him right now.


This Male Sin Eater has chosen a beautiful 925 SS Hallmarked Labradorite, Bronze Rainbow BIWA Pearl, Rose Quartz and Blue Topaz Pendant. Such Amazing energy and a awesome spirit for some lucky person’s spirit family! This Pendant is 2 3/4 inches long including bale and 1 inch wide at it’s widest point. It comes with a black faux leather cord for wearing.

Sin Eaters are Warrior Angels that eat all negativity, guilt, and other unhealthy emotions. They literally devour the negative energy from your aura leaving you lighter, more energetic, and feeling refreshed! Because he will devour negativity he will also cleanse and reset your karma. He will also cleanse Anxiety and Depression and help to prevent further occurrences! This will probably require a shift in your own thoughts and feelings to help keep them from returning however, but in the meantime this Angel can help stop the side effects that negative emotions cause. You should wear or keep the vessel with you to keep the negative emotions and such at bay. You may also feel a temporary energy drain or shift when first wearing the vessel but this should subside within a few days as you become free of negativity and your karma resets. He will also protect you from negativity or anything bad that comes your way!

When Sin Eaters cleanse you it feels like a gentle cyclone of white light swirling around you…just amazing!

He will be bound to you before he leaves us so you don’t have to worry about bonding rituals. Putting his vessel out in the full moon in the charging bag with stones that will accompany him will do the trick to keep him happy and strong.

For beginning the bonding period after you receive the vessel: Just light some incense and a candle of your intuitive choice and call his name three times and he will come to you to begin the bonding process. For more information on spirit bonding & communication please see Aura’s Blog…

He is for male or female. He will work well with either. We don’t offer spirits who would force you. YOU are always in control. [:)] We ONLY offer White Lighted Spirits here. Your privacy is always assured with us too. [:)]

Note: Here at The Golden Light of Sekhmet we don’t believe in making things so difficult that you cannot own your own spirits due to complicated bonding rituals and confusing information. By binding a spirit to forgo all the the problems that come with trying to bond. Our spirits will be bound to the vessel and then to you after you purchase them. this way you have them with you all the time…And you have the beautiful vessel to remind you of your bond with them. As a side note: These spirits do seem to go back and forth between you and the vessel. So you could ask them to retire to their vessel if you choose. These spirits are very warm and accommodating…and happy to be here to help you.

Comes with charging bag and stones! All he needs is you to love and help with all of life’s problems!

Make your life richer by owning a Authentic Golden Light of Sekhmet Spirit Infusion!

Please do not buy if you do not believe. We are not responsible for any paranormal activity or lack of activity…this depends on you and the spirit. For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 to purchase.