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The Golden Light of Sekhmet Egyptian Healing Rods

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The Golden Light of Sekhmet Egyptian Healing Rods!

We had been selling these on ebay for a long time in our store Are You Bewitched Too.. and we have gotten consistent wonderful feed back there for these rods as well as all our other healing tools….:)

Most people have seen pictures and statues from Egypt showing Pharaohs, Priestesses or Neters (deities) holding cylinders in their hands. These cylinders were used by the Ancient Egyptians for healing, manifesting and “communing with the Neters”. In 1500 B.C., they disappeared from all Egyptian statuary, tomb paintings and carvings but archaeologists didn’t know why. Later it became clear that these sacred tools and technology went into the Mystery Schools to protect them from misuse by low vibration human beings. The secret of the rods did not emerge from these schools until the 20th century. They were re-created by a group of Russian scientists based on a text from a Zoroastrian Yoga Mystery School in the Caucasus Mountains during the 1920s. The initiate was Polish Count Stefan Colonna Walewski. During his studies and initiations, he was taught these formerly secret methods of how to fabricate and use one set of rods. After he died in 1955, this document was studied by a number of people in America, and eventually came to a Russian physics teacher, who studied Walewski’s manual in the early 1990s. Two other Russian scientists banded together with him to produce the first set of rods in 1995 and continued making improvements until they were made publicly available in 2001 in Russia. They have been available in the United States since 2002.

The Golden Light of Sekhmet has reproduced this wonderful healing modality at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy what made the ancient Egyptians live longer and healthier lives than we do today! I am so proud today to bring to you the newest addition to our healing tools! These fabulous Egyptian Healing Rods are a absolute must have for any serious healer and typically are out of reach for most reaching into the hundreds or even a thousand or more for a set that is worthwhile. Bringing this wonderful ancient healing modality to your life is literally as simple as holding them in your hands! Just by holding these rods, they will they will align your energy systems which in turn will make you more resilient to any toxification you may encounter. They strengthen psychic abilities, relieve stress and simultaneously calm and invigorate you. I fall asleep with them in my hands and I can attest to the fact that they do give me a much more restful nights sleep and I wake up feeling more energized too. They are simply astounding. They also bring about prophetic dreams! By aligning your chakra’s…and indeed your entire energy system… the Egyptian healing rods put your body in a much better state to accept healing of any illness, emotional or spiritual problems you may be experiencing. They work completely on their own simply by holding them in your hands! If you meditate while holding them you can have spontaneous visions too. They also have a natural grounding effect as well. Their power to balance your body, mind and spirit is amazing! The Zinc Rod is held in the Left hand..(the Moon) And the Copper Rod is held in the Right hand..(the Sun)

The Construction of the Golden Light Egyptian Healing Rods: Because we wanted to make these Healing Rods affordable to everyone in these hard times we live in, we decided to make them with materials we could get easily and see if they were as powerful as the more expensive ones and we did it!!! They are as powerful as any out there and maybe more than some! They are 5 inches in length. These rods were constructed from supplies from the hardware store and high quality charcoal, quartz crystals and other crystalline stones that I won’t reveal here because we don’t want to give away our trade secrets!:) They are made with the same attention to detail and love that we make all our healing tools with…and attention to how the Egyptians did it was also adhered to as closely as possible with the information about their construction by the Egyptians that is available.

These are also Sekhim Reiki Charged as well as being charged in a pyramid for as long as possible before they are sent out. Note: If your are looking for perfection these are not for you. The en-caps we use on the zinc rods will rust slightly over time and the copper rods..(as ANY copper rod will)..will patina with handling because of the oils in our body coming into contact with them. Neither of these things will affect their function and they will never lose their power and efficacy and do not need recharging ever. The caps will also never come off because the are secured firmly by a special glue. While these are very rustic they are also extremely powerful and you will not be disappointed in how well they do their job!:) Please give us 10 days on these because just like the chakra generator sets we make them one set at a time…thanks for your understanding..they WILL be worth the wait!:) They are awesome!

Disclaimer: We make no medical claims and do not guarantee any effects from the use of our healing tools. By law we must state that this is not to be used in place of any doctor. If you need a doctor please see one. For entertainment purposes only You must be 18 to purchase


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