Hematite Rattlesnake Eggs 2

~ Rattlesnake Eggs~ Magnetic Hematite! Set of 2


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This listing is for a set of Two Rattlesnake Eggs~ Rattlesnake Eggs are powerful magnetic hematite eggs that we have found are amazingly powerful tools for your healing arsenal! They are perfect for pain reduction..especially any form of arthritis and are great for grounding energy and simultaneously relaxing and energizing. We use them to place one in each hand while doing a healing on someone with pain and it really seems to make a difference in the client being able to accept the healing more fully! These balance your energy systems and are a great way to aide your healing sessions. We also reiki charge these for you before they leave…just let us now if you don’t want us to do this for you… These come in a organza gift bag for you to store them in when not in use. They make a great rattlesnake ” Buzzzzzing! ” sound when they are thrown in the air and come together! Warning! These are very strong magnets so please keep away from magnetic sensitive items such as pacemaker, credit cards, tv sets, computer parts etc Here is an interesting way to test the strength of these magnets and study how they work: Toss the Buzzing Stunt Magnets into the air. The two hematite magnets fly and collide, wrestling for equilibrium in a clattering, buzzing, Cicada sounding collision until they land at rest, centered and quiet in your cupped hands. A pair of powerful ellipsoidal hematite magnets, their poles aligned through their narrow circumferences, allow you to demonstrate the constant striving of the magnets to stay in perfect balance with each other. Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great for hand-eye coordination. We make no promises as to any medical claims concerning any of our items. We are not responsible for any effects you may have from these items. Please educate yourself on safe use of magnets. If you need a doctor please see one. By law we must state that these are for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 to purchase.


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