” Goddess Hecate ” Black Cat Eye Neckpiece ~ Goldsheen Obsidian

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Goddess Hecate has requested that this piece be re-listed. She says there is someone out there looking for this one that has reached crone-hood whom she herself (Hecate) has chosen for this neckpiece. If you are strongly drawn to this piece just know beautiful Hecate is reaching out to you so pay close attention!…Hecate has already Blessed this piece:) 

We have reduced the price on this from 70.00 to 64.00! 

I have named this piece ” Goddess Hecate ” she is a dark goddess that is dear to me and this piece has her energy in abundance! This is Absolutely beautiful and my tribute to this awesome goddess! This is natural black cat’s eye goldsheen obsidian that your seeing and it does have the shimmering cat eye effect on these stones but I was not able to capture it in the pictures…these stones are gorgeous and do have alot of subtle golden shimmer to them. Just a outstanding neckpiece…and this is huge ladies but does lay beautifully and is not TOO heavy….a beautiful ritual piece to wear or altar piece! 925 Sterling Silver hallmarked.. This neckpiece is 20 1/2 inches long including drop….

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