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Haunted Doll Collection ~ Annette ~ French Victorian Lady!

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Welcome to the Door Into the Mysterious World of Haunted Doll Collecting!

To begin this adventure I want to first say that we take the paranormal and our work very seriously to bring these items to you. We strive hard to never offer anything except the best in authentic haunted items and a wonderful experience for you when you get them home! There is much information about collecting haunted dolls now on the net..some false and some true…please do some research on collecting before you decide Collecting Haunted Dolls is right for you.. For those who already collect haunted dolls…Enjoy! We hope you find your next lovely companion with us! Blessings! Aura & Team


Also: Please remember, none of the dolls I offer will be absolutely perfect because they ARE haunted dolls and you will not find perfection in these kind of dolls. I will describe any imperfections I note with these to the best of my ability but just know I am human and can miss little things. Also, they can have some slight odors to them as well being what they are and having come from multiple places and we do not alter these dolls in any way or try to fix things on them unless the spirit is adamant that we fix hair or something like that which is uncommon..we leave that to the new owner 🙂 We do not offer refunds so if this is a problem for you please don’t buy. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Description: Hello! I would Like To introduce to you Annette! She came from a estate auction and came to us and we have been working with her ever since. She is very active and moves around a bit as well. Her expressions change and once in a while you can catch her eyes following you. She communicates fairly easily and is very anxious to find the right home for her where she will be appreciated and loved. She is a 16″ Vintage porcelain doll from Birthstones Collection ( March ) in perfect condition and has never been played with. This doll comes with stand.

Annette’s History: Annette is a young French woman in her early 20’s who’s story left her very lonely so she is looking for companionship with her new keeper. She was a beautiful, medium tall ( 5’8″ ?); dark haired blue eyed ( her eyes do look like the dolls eyes as well as similar facial features in this one) young woman during the Victorian era that was barren and because of this a wealthy marriage was impossible for her and as a result she was forced into bad situations where she was ultimately killed by a lover. She is aristocratic by nature and because of her sad life likes to play games with people as she feels they did with her. She can go from looking quite spooky to having a look of trying to hide what she is thinking ( she feels vulnerable and will sometimes act out during this time..but talking to her works well to calm her down) Annette likes to play tricks so beware of this. She will move things as well. She is a nice young woman and is not angry over her sad ending, she is just not ready to move on and needs understanding. She shows dressed a red and black Victorian dress and similar hairstyle and tiara to the doll. She was a born Lady by title but was pushed away from the family somewhat because she was barren.    

Below is a Entry from the frequently asked questions page to help you have a better understanding of what this collection is all about. There will be more information to come about Spirited/Haunted Doll collecting on how to work with haunted dolls as time allows:)

Question: Is Haunted (Spirited) Doll Collecting Any Different than Collecting Spirited Jewelry or Haunted or Spirited Other Items?

Answer: Yes, Collecting spirited Dolls has been around for as long as people have been fascinated by the ghostly realm. Just like with collecting spirited jewelry or other items, humans have been keeping dolls with the spirits of their loved ones; whether animal or human since ancient times. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when deciding to begin collecting Spirited Dolls. First, And I think most important…you need to understand that human spirits are not the same as conjured spirits in the sense that conjured spirits are brought forth for a specific purpose to help humans in some way. Dolls with human spirits attached are just that…humans that have passed over that bring with them human experiences and energy from their previous existence. Because of this, you need to set house rules for the spirited dolls you bring into your home so that you can keep the activity from your collection under control. Some house rules might be : No breaking anything; No scaring the children or pets or anyone visiting ; no taking anything and hiding it; and no playing with the electronic equipment especially! Spirits can reek havoc with your electronic equipment. While this may seem silly to some, those of us who have haunted dolls in their home know that setting some house rules are very important if you want to keep your home happy and chaos free  Also, remember that humans can be angry after they have passed just as well as in life so be careful what you bring into your home and know that you can deal with it. Having a spirited doll collection can be a wonderful experience but please know what you are getting into before you begin collecting…it takes time and effort to have a collection of haunted dolls…they require your attention and care. You shouldn’t begin a collection until you are sure you can give the dolls/spirits the attention they need…The spirits won’t be happy and neither will you! And one final thing before I go…just as with anything haunted/ careful who you buy from and make sure they authentic and reputable sellers:) and… Have fun with it!..Enjoy your haunted dolls!


These are human spirits coming forth and asking us to help them find homes. They all say they want to help others during this time on earth.

Most of these spirits say that they are coming forth because they are needed at this time to help people accelerate their spiritual development to be ready for ascending to a higher level of spiritual understanding.

Some of us are feeling these changes,(physically,mentally and spiritually), Very strong now, while others are just beginning to wake to a new understanding of themselves and their place in this world.

These spirits will strongly call whoever they are destined to be with. These are human spirits that need to be helped by you as well as being able to help you with learning to communicate with spirits and providing insight.

Please pay attention and follow your intuition and your gut. You will know if one of them is calling to you. If it is not this spirit, please look around because another one in the store may be calling you.

If they are calling strongly to you, it is important for you to know that you need to answer. They are specifically for you. Each one has come through for one special person..Is that person you?

NOTE: These are human spirits. They may have a past life connection with you or they may just have compatible energy with you, or it could be something else. Just know that every one is friendly and chose to be here and aren’t evil in any way. Human spirits are different to deal with than other types of spirits and sometimes need special attention depending on the spirit and their need but these spirits chose to be here to help whoever they are looking for so are normally more forthcoming about what they need to be happy. They will be invaluable to you in these difficult times. They can help you in so many ways.

Spirits can have information to impart to us that we could spend a lifetime trying to access as living humans and never get. If you can open your mind to them, what they can help you with is endless. They are very happy to be here and offer themselves to help others.

Also Note:

Some of these spirits just want a home with someone compassionate and loving. Some are Witches and some are Healers, Astrologers, Alchemists, Herbalists, etc; and some are just humans that have not passed over to the other side and wish to stay, possibly as part of their spiritual evolution. They are ALL good spirits that will not harm you or loved ones but again, they do need special attention. You WILL KNOW which one is right for you and your collection!

Also, a couple of final legal things: We are not responsible for any activity or lack of activity from your new haunted doll. You must be 18 or older to purchase our items and they are for entertainment purposes only.

Also, We do not offer spirited dolls haunted by overtly angry spirits, nor would we bring them into our own home just as we would not invite anything overtly negative or evil to ourselves or anyone else…:) Please know what you are getting before buying however…. we are not responsible for anything that occurs or does not occur once you get them home.

 Thank You for Visiting and Come Again Soon!