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” Dreamer ” Titanium Rainbow Drusy & Blue Topaz Neckpiece


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This is such a Dreamy neckpiece…the energy from this is so soothing and magickal. It has a wizard of oz kind of energy to it..as if it can take you away to a magickal place and time. I just love this piece..as I do all of my pieces but this one has a peaceful yet powerful energy to it that is just awesome. This would be a wonderful piece for astral travel or working with dreams or path working I feel. It is a large and fairly heavy piece but lays beautifully and is easy to wear..as most all my pieces are. 925 Sterling Silver Hallmarked and has a huge titanium rainbow Drusy as it’s centerpiece with large blue topaz below and above…I couldn’t catch the rainbow of shimmering colors in the Drusy in the pictures… but it is beautiful….it does have more purple in it than other colors…..This neckpiece is 22 inches long including drop.

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