925 SS Braided Bracelet 2925 SS Braided Bracelet 3

NEW! Beautiful Sterling Silver Antique Braided Bracelets – Two Available

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Product Description

These Bracelets are from our Antique and Vintage collection and were purchased along with all the other Antiques and Vintage Pieces we recently acquired. They are stunning and and in brand new condition. They are perfectly made and clearly marked 925  These are substantial pieces and will wear beautifully. We believe these are antiques also that have been kept in pristine condition but are not certain. At the very least they are Vintage, however I will update this if and when I find out for certain  All in all, we are selling these for far below their value not to mention the spiritual value they already have. These have all been cleansed and blessed by Lady Lone Wolf before coming to us and also by Aura after receiving them as well…these are beautiful and would make beautiful legacy pieces or for gifting a loved one with a very special piece Also, these are ready for working if you so choose..please read on about having your piece energy enhanced, enchanted/spelled or spirited:)

Many Blessings To You and Yours! Aura

About Our Rare Antique & Vintage Collection:

We are so excited and proud to announce a amazing collection that has come to us!

This Collection was purchased in Thailand over 20 years ago from a armed vault. The buyers ; Lady Lone Wolf and her husband, were escorted by armed guards as they made their selections. These pieces are authentic Antiques that have been kept in a vault until they were purchased over 20 years ago and kept in the buyers safe until they were passed to us. These pieces were cleansed and blessed by our Lady Lone Wolf before they came to us and we have been working and adding to these pieces since acquiring them. This is a extraordinary opportunity to have something extremely rare in your collection and these are all being offered far below what they should be. We are estimating that these are well over 100 years old and possibly closer to 150 or even more but are in pristine condition because they were stored properly the whole time. Also, you are very hard pressed to even find pieces that contain Marcasite ( also referred to as Black Diamonds back in the day ) in these times. And all these pieces have very big bling from the marcasites and all the rings have them..:)

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All of the pieces in Aura’s Collection are available to have special energies added if you wish for no extra charge. These can be Reiki charged for Healing, Blessed or Spelled or have a Spirit added or simply left as a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Please let us know your preference in the in the comments box at checkout…or PM us on Facebook with your desires.  A simple No or Yes with what you would like will suffice. We also kindly ask that you be specific and reasonable in your desires for energy enhancement…Although We can do just about anything you need or want as long as it harms none. Your desires for energy enhancement as in all other areas of our business are kept completely confidential. Note: Attunements are not available to add to exceptions…