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    Welcome to Are You BeWitched Too Metaphysical Healing and Spirit Vessels Emporium and Reiki Healing Site. This site is dedicated to the Goddess Sekhmet and exists to provide healing tools and spirit companions/helpers and attunements to help others help themselves in these difficult times we live in. Authentic Spirit Filled Vessels , Handmade Orgone, Tachyon and other Healing Tools and Attunements as well as Crystal Healing Jewelry, Spells, Divination Tools. Antique, Vintage and rare vessels and other rare paranormal or metaphysical artifacts and treasures as we come across then are what you will  find here. Also, unusual, rare items we may come across as well from time to time.

    My husband and I take pride in offering only authentic and very active spirit companions and real energy filled healing tools. We care about our customers and clients and want your visit and purchase to be a fulfilling and empowering experience for you. This is our mission and life: To empower others with what they need and desire to help themselves to have happier healthier and more fulfilling lives. We don’t offer miracles, we offer the opportunity for you to have empowering tools in your spiritual arsenal you can use to help heal yourself and others and help you have the life you wish for. This is our way of giving back to the world and sharing our blessings with others. We are passionate about what we do and sincerely hope our items will help you make all your dreams come true!

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy Healing!

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    Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day!

    Rev. Aura Rhanes

    Goddess Sekhmet protecting website