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    Merry Meet And Welcome To Are You BeWitched Too!

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    Here we are going to talk a little about spirit  collecting and what it is and what it is not. First, Spirit Collecting is NOT about forcibly binding a spirit to a vessel and demanding they grant your every wish. We personally do not believe in nor ever would bind any kind of negative spirit or demon or any type of what could be considered evil in any way to any vessel. We only bind white lighted spirits or those dual type spirits for self protection that follow the wiccan rede ~ “…and it harm none do what thou wilt…” There is enough bad in the world in our opinion without anyone adding to it. The spirits that are bound to the vessels we offer are spirits that have come to us that are willingly bound to an item of their choice so that whoever they are intended to help will find them.All our spirits are helpful, loving and destined to be someones helper, friend, and spiritual teacher in some way. Indeed they can become very close to you and become one of the family. There is nothing really scary or mysterious about owning a spirit vessel collection and as long as you are a loving and responsible keeper and treat your spirit companions with the respect they deserve you will have a devoted companion and spiritual helper. Our spirits can never harm you or anyone else. These spirits simply offer themselves to be attached to a vessel so that you can have a connection to them always and help the person of their choosing in all areas of your life you need. All spirits choose you..you do not choose them. If you are drawn to a particular spirit vessel time and again chances are that the spirit is reaching out to you, attempting to make contact, letting you know that the spirit wishes to be with you to help you in some way. Also the spirit listing describing the particular talents the spirit may also draw you to choose one over another…again nothing is ever by chance. If you have never owned a spirit vessel you are missing a extraordinary experience indeed..to raise your spiritual energy and help in so many areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones whether it’s with practicing Reiki or other energy healing help you seek or prosperity giving spirits or even spiritual protection..our fabulous spirits can help you along the way. I  will be writing something soon about how to bond with your spirits so follow us on face book and here to get our updates and more information on this and other fascinating subjects involving the wonderful world of energy healing Spirit Keeping and paranormal investigation and more! I would also like to finish by adding that spirit keeping is not for everyone. you should do a little research and gain an understanding of what this phenomenon of spirit keeping is all about before purchasing your first vessel. To All those who already own their own collection of spirit companions…we hope you enjoy Are You BeWitched Too and visit often…you just may find your next spirit companion or other energy tool! And we welcome newbies! Stay tuned for my next blog about how to bond with your spirit companion:)

    Tip for the day: Attunements can help you in so many ways and your spirits can help you even more with the addition of attunements!

    And Remember…. JUST BELIEVE!

    Happy Healing!