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    You will find all the Lady of the Lake items in the Haunted Lady of the Lake Items Category in the Store Now! 

    First, I would like to thank Lady Lone Wolf for the time, love and special care she took in creating these beautiful items for us to offer you! Thank you Lady Lone Wolf! And thank you Jani our awesome tech for helping us to make this website really shine for this event and all to follow! We love you both!

     Welcome Everyone and pull up close to the hearth for the first ever Are You BeWitched Too Lady of the Lake Items Event Kickoff! What's a good Samhain without the ghost stories and we have a tragic yet in the end a lovely story for you to explain what the new items we will be offering for Samhain are all about. I own several of the items from the beautiful Lady of the Lake myself and have enjoyed her benevolent and helpful presence for a number of years. The items we are offering for this Samhain are authentic and carry the spirit of the Lady of the Lake strongly. We will not offer them again soon because of the time involved with creating, blessing and bonding these items so take advantage while you can to own a piece of haunted history!

    Oh and P.S. The Lady of the Lake is not angry or scary in any way, she is a kind and lovely spirit despite her sad and tragic end and has many blessings to bestow on those lucky enough to have one of her lovely spirited items. She is also a protective spirit as well especially for anyone in a abusive situation...she wanted me to be sure to let anyone who needs protection to know that she is able to provide protection from harm and comfort to those in a difficult or abusive situation and will also protect and help your loved ones too if asked.

     Happy Samhain & Much Love & Blessings! Aura & Team

    History & Overview of how the Lady of the Lake items came to be:

    The legend of the well-matched dragons that fought nearly to the death, and whose hot tears of anguish created the hot springs of today lends a magical touch to the Lake Crescent area.

    Nestled in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent lies about 18 miles west of Port Angeles. The pristine waters of this deep, glacially carved lake make it an ideal destination for those in search of natural beauty. A massive landslide isolated Lake Crescent from Lake Sutherland approximately 7,000 years ago.

    Lake Crescent has several hiking trails, some of which climb the surrounding mountains, and others that explore the lowland forests and creeks .Many people enjoy going out onto the water during the summer and fall.

    The thick forests that surround the lake along with the close location of Forks in which many of the woodland scenes were filmed from the famous Twilight Sages by Stephenie Meyer according to my Gypsy Witch friend.

    The Lake Crescent Lodge is a popular place for your stay in which opens to the story of the Lady of the Lake. Who met her tragic end at the lodge due to the hands of her husband.

    After her untimely death at the hands of her 3rd husband that ended her life and threw her body into the lake she became a part of it. Her body was not destroyed by the lake by mummified or what locals call ( saponification) by the waters and her body became hard and waxy. The lake seemed to take care of her during her time there until she was found.

    Over ten plus years ago I met and became very close friends with a Gypsy Witch whose family owned several cabins that were on the opposite side of the lake. She had lived her entire life there. Her coven as well is located along the lake shores and forests where they practice their rituals.

    She had so many spiritual items that were offered for those who wanted a bit of the magical and spiritual side of the forest and surrounding area. Her items were incredibly powerful and mysterious due to the fact that they were bathed in the cool waters of the lake and blessed by it as well, as the spirits & ghosts who inhabited the lake and of course by my powerful witch friend.

    She became a personal interest of the Lady of the Lake. I was told of the many magical meetings that they had and of the many spirits &ghosts that resided in the lake. Although the Lady of the Lake was pure and wanted to help others their seemed to be another negative entity that also resided in the lake beneath the deepest depths that one had to watch out for.

    I for many years purchased items from her and found them to be very helpful in the awakening of my third eye. The items blessed by the waters of the lake are very positive in many ways. They will assist you in your spiritual journey with a calmness and a respect for nature and life in general.

    The pure powerful energy will assist you in any endeavors in your life and give you insight over others. You will find protection and a sense of well being. You can call on the Lady when in need and she will comfort and guide you.

    The Lady is a positive one who would like to step forward and help others. In fact she has been doing this for many, many years by keeping an eye on any who swim in her waters.

    I too have become a true believer in her powers and her kind nature. Wearing her items for years now has made me part of her as well. Many times I have gone to the lake and swam during my meditations and at night the lady has called me to visit her through Astral Travel.

    Night time seems to be the ideal time for which the surrounding areas around the lake become alive and active spiritually. It seems a lot of various spirits and ghosts have found a safe home in the forests and banks of the lake.

    Not many are aware of Lake Crescent and its stories of the Lady, but she has come forth and asked me to help her help others who are in need. Due to the condition of our world and economy she feels that others need her assistance.

    I must heed her and will help with the quest to find comfort and a bit of peace for others in today's society. So I have been guided to create and bring forth the items that are being offered. Each was inspired by the Lady and has been blessed by her healing waters for many weeks before, during and after a full moon.

    Blessed by myself along with the soothing holy waters of St. Patrick's perish. Many, many positive blessings and healings are bestowed on these items. I do hope that you will feel the call and step forward to change your life for the better by bringing one into your life.

    These are extremely rare gifts that will not be offered again soon due to the intense time in creating them with the many prayers and blessings bestowed on them it is very hard to do so.

    Believe me the items that are offered on this site by Aura sing and vibrate with energy and have a cooling affect when worn just like the waters of the lake that they are born from.

    I do hope that you will be blessed to have one by your side for you will feel a positive change in your life.

    Lady Lone Wolf

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