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    The Haunted Dolls Collection Category

    Now Open!!!


    We are so excited to finally present to you our latest and greatest addition to our site! We now are offering Spirited Dolls! This has been a huge project for us but we are very pleased with the final result 🙂 Just like with everything you find offered from us, we promise you will love your new doll. We offer only the best in authentic haunted dolls, they are active and most importantly will bring no negativity with them. We work with each and every one of them before they are offered to you for some time so can be sure you are getting a authentic Witch Owned and extensively tested Authentic Spirited Doll!

    About Communicating with Spirited Dolls :

    Many collectors; those who are experienced and those just starting on this journey, use a pendulum and spirit board to communicate with their dolls or other spirits in their keeping to start with and sometimes get good results and sometimes not and wonder why they are not able to make contact. There are many reasons for this, most of the time it is due to the spirit itself being reluctant for whatever reason or lack of focus on the part of the investigator. The spirit world has it’s own set of rules which we humans are not always privy too. Having said that though, the dolls we offer generally communicate well in this manner and also we have had great results with the ghost box as well. I recommend getting at least a few pieces of paranormal investigation equipment to help with communication. A ghost box is a fun and effective tool when used properly for beginners and experts alike. Also a EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena ) device is a must have as well for catching and recording the spirits voice 🙂 Any of these type on tools can also be used with your other spirited items as well to good results. Most of all, respect the spirit world and have fun!

    P.S. Keep watching us…you may get some Haunting Surprises!

     Have a Magickal Day and Happy Haunting!

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    Haunted Mari Lou 1Haunted Lydia 1Haunted Belle Ami' 1Twins Brother and Sister 1Auras Haunted Doll 1Haunted Anne 1Haunted Marlo 1Haunted Caroline 1Haunted Annette 1