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    For legal reasons we must state that All items on this site are for entertainment purposes only. We can not be held liable for results or no results. Each individual is on a different path and will feel energy differently depending on where they are and what they need.

    By receiving attunements From this site you are agreeing to indemnify anyone associated with The Golden Light of Sekhmet and Are You BeWitched Too on this site against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or other rights.

      All attunements will be sold to persons 18 years and above but may be given to any pet, animal, or  child with parental consent. 

     Course manuals are sent by email 

    Courses are usually done by email. All come with free certificates. 

     All physical items are sent out within 7 business days except those that are custom made such as our Healing Rods…these take a little more time. And you will receive delivery confirmation via email from PayPal. Also, any physical items purchased from this site are subject to the above disclaimer as well. Our items are sold as healing and spiritual growth tools which always depend on the person using them to be effective. All items are sold to persons 18 yrs and above.

     Please see a doctor if you need one, attunements and metaphysical items should never be used in place of any doctor or qualified medical care. These items can be used in conjunction with medical care to great results but cannot take the place of a doctor.  

      *Thank you for taking the time to read this* 

     Many Blessings And A Good Life To  All!

    Rev. Aura Rhanes

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