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    How To Feel Reiki Energy

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    There is a very simple way to feel Reiki energy after you have had a Reiki Attunement :

    Sit down in a chair in an upright but comfortable position. focus your mind on your hands. Rub your hands briskly together for at least 15 seconds or so or just say “Reiki On” to yourself mentally..(or both). Now place your hands about 8 to 10 inches apart, palms facing, and begin to bring them slowly toward each other. At one point you will feel a sensation. This sensation is different for everyone. Typically though, it is a tingling, or a warmth…(Reiki Healers hands are almost always VERY warm…even verging on HOT) What you are feeling is the Reiki energy flowing through you.

    I would like to take a moment to address something that comes up quite often when I am teaching someone :

    There ARE people who are able to heal by laying on of hands even before they are given the Reiki attunement. Some people are natural healers and are spontaneously directing energy. This is NOT Reiki energy. They are using a different kind of energy before they are attuned and Reiki energy after their attunements. Usui Reiki Healing energy came from one source: Mikao Usui…and has been handed down hand to hand ever since he discovered it. This is the only way you can get it: By getting an attunement from someone who is already attuned to it…either by distance attunement or in person. Reiki energy is much more powerful for healing than any other source of healing energy.

    When you are given the gift of an attunement you should work to feel the energy everyday. Learn to turn it on and off and play with it making chi balls. Learn to wield this beautiful energy system to you, your friends, and your loved ones benefit!

    Happy Healing! Love, Aura

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    ” With times being what they are…we all need to find the healer within us and bolster ourselves against what is to come so that we may survive and even thrive through these times of hardship…”



    Here we will discuss how to accept a Reiki attunement:

    The process of accepting a Reiki Attunement, (or, put another way…To Draw In Energy) is not difficult. All it takes is an open mind and the willingness to accept the Healing Attunement. It is your ” Intention” that is most important to this process.

    You do not have to believe in Reiki for the Healing or the Attunement to occur. All it takes is a sincere desire to help yourself. Reiki energy transference is a personal empowerment process done with the intention of healing yourself and others.

    Just laying down and relaxing, then mentally focusing on accepting the healing or attunement and allowing the energy to come to you and mix with your own energy will do it.

    What should I expect to feel?

    With some people, warmth in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet is common…(My feet get VERY warm quite often and even almost HOT).

    YOU may feel tingling in different parts of your body or even unusual sensations of almost any kind.

    This is perfectly normal and will not harm you in any way. Reiki energy is natural and it is impossible for it to harm anyone or anything.

    After your attunement it is quite common for you to feel any number of sensations..including:


    A feeling of floating

    Serene and Calm




    A heaviness or tingling in different parts of your body

    Anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

    All of these things and more are possible because Reiki is a very real God given energy that exists in every living organism in the known universe. Reiki energy is a gift from creation and should be shared by all.

    Again, you do not have to believe for Reiki to work but if you are closed to it..(and there are many things that can close you off) you will block it’s effectiveness in helping you. You must WANT to be healed before you can be.

    Once you receive your manuals for your attunement/s please go over them and familiarize yourself with what the attunements consist of. Then when you get ready to accept the energy to you..you will be conscious of what kind of energy you are receiving and will greatly enhance your experience. Remember: Energy is neutral…It is how it is utilized that is different.

    I hope this has helped you to understand the process of attunement a little better. We sincerely hope you find the help your seeking with us…ENJOY YOUR ATTUNEMENT!

    Blessings and A Healthy Life To You!

    Rev. Aura Rhanes

    ” Ignorance is not knowing something, Stupidity is not knowing and not caring whether you do or not…”

    Aura Rhanes

    ~Freedom is the action you take to acquire it, take action!~

    “Knowledge based in truth is Power…”