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    Greetings To All Newcomers To This Fascinating Adventure! Spirit Keeping has been around for a long long time but in the last 20 years or more has grown to become a fascinating way of life for many who seek to ascend to a higher level spiritually and empower themselves to improve their lives. People have always been fascinated by the unknown and the history of an item often carries with it energy from the previous owners and environment and that energy can be tapped into by those who are psychically attuned to pick up these energies. Many people collect antiques and vintage items for just this reason. Also unusual and historical items and artifacts carry vast amounts of psychic and or magickal energy from their history of use or the innate energy contained by the artifact. The idea of collecting items that have spirits attached is ancient and goes back as far as humans have been recording. While this can be frightening for some who don’t understand it, there is nothing scary about this as long as you begin with an attitude of respect and understanding that this is a serious area of research and investigation and is not to be played with. Having said that however, this is also so much fun and very fulfilling and empowering for those who work at it to better themselves and the lives of their loved ones. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that newcomers often have when considering this path.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Can the spirits harm me in any way?

    Answer: As long as you protect yourself spiritually and have respect for the spirits when you attempt communication there is nothing scary at all about spirit collecting. Do your research and know the Seller and know they are legitimate and honest sellers and are selling only good spirits that can do no harm to you or anyone else ( including enemies..you can’t split hairs here:)  and the answer to this question is no…they cannot harm you in any way. ALL the spirits we sell are bound to the wiccan rede ” An it Harm None, Do as Thou Wilt ” and can do no harm to you or anyone else except in self defense. One final word of warning on this however : Do not play with things you do not understand..do your research and experiment carefully and with respect for the spirits. Call forth negative or evil energy at your own risk…and remember, thoughts have great power to manifest desires as well when backed by strong emotion so keep your thoughts in order as well 🙂

    Question: How Long does it take to begin Communicating with my spirit?:

    Answer: This depends on the person and the spirit. Generally it can take up to two weeks or even more to bond fully with a spirit but communication can also happen immediately depending on the persons mediumship abilities and many other factors such as blocks a person may have to communication with spirits. Remember that it takes time, practice, and a open mind to develop your communication skills but with a little perseverance accompanied by firm belief,  in most cases, because you are already predetermined..( have the mindset that you want to communicate and are fully open) it happens quicker than you think:)

    Question: What if I have never had a spirit companion? Can I still communicate with them?

    Answer: Yes, as stated above, if you are fully open and wanting to develop communication with your new spirit, it will happen. There are many doubts and fears that can affect learning spirit communication however. Even a small doubt or distraction can cause you to lose the connection temporarily between you and your spirit. It takes time to develop a strong bond which is the solid basis for great communication with your new spirit. But it is greatly worth the effort to develop this skill for the benefits that it can bring to your life. Spirit Keeping can be a very rewarding and fulfilling practice done with mindful respect and a few spiritual safe guards against attracting negative or dark/evil spirits to you. The person you are has alot to do with what comes into your life so remember to consciously practice only attracting what is good and right for you!

    Question:  Is there any difference in communicating with spirits during a paranormal investigation and communicating with spirits acquired from a Spiritual Medium?

    Answer: There is a definite difference. Each area of investigation and research requires a different approach to communication. Going into a unknown environment and attempting to find evidence and ultimately proof of paranormal or ghost activity is much different than communicating with spirits that have come forth specifically to help you in some way that are your companions. The former can be much more dangerous because because many times there is an accumulation of very bad and even evil energy and/or spirits in these places investigated. Paranormal investigation also requires a open minded yet skeptical approach whereas Spirit Keeping requires belief in yourself and in the spirits to have a positive benefit in your life.

    Question: Why won’t my new spirits just work on their own on my behalf without me having to work with them?

    Answer: I realize to some that this may seem like a ridiculous question to ask but I am answering it here because I have come to realize that there are those that are fascinated by Spirit Keeping but do not yet understand how this works due to many things I won’t go into here. Spirit Keeping is not about enslaving spirits to do your bidding. Spirit Keeping is about empowering yourself through the bonding with beneficial spirits to help you help yourself have a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. Having said that, I will add that there are those sellers out there that are not working under the wiccan rede ” An It Harm None”  and you must be careful of who you are dealing with. It takes work to have happiness within you and around you 🙂

    Question: Is Haunted (Spirited) Doll Collecting Any Different than Collecting Spirited Jewelry or Haunted or Spirited Other Items?

    Answer: Yes, Collecting spirited Dolls has been around for as long as people have been fascinated by the ghostly realm. Just like with collecting spirited jewelry or other items, humans have been keeping dolls with the spirits of their loved ones; whether animal or human since ancient times. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when deciding to begin collecting Spirited Dolls. First, And I think most important…you need to understand that human spirits are not the same as conjured spirits in the sense that conjured spirits are brought forth for a specific purpose to help humans in some way. Dolls with human spirits attached are just that…humans that have passed over that bring with them human experiences and energy from their previous existence. Because of this, you need to set house rules for the spirited dolls you bring into your home so that you can keep the activity from your collection under control. Some house rules might be : No breaking anything; No scaring the children or pets or anyone visiting ; no taking anything and hiding it; and no playing with the electronic equipment especially! Spirits can reek havoc with your electronic equipment. While this may seem silly to some, those of us who have haunted dolls in their home know that setting some house rules are very important if you want to keep your home happy and chaos free 🙂 Also, remember that humans can be angry after they have passed just as well as in life so be careful what you bring into your home and know that you can deal with it. Having a spirited doll collection can be a wonderful experience but please know what you are getting into before you begin collecting…it takes time and effort to have a collection of haunted dolls…they require your attention and care. You shouldn’t begin a collection until you are sure you can give the dolls/spirits the attention they need….The spirits won’t be happy and neither will you! And one final thing before I go….just as with anything haunted/spirited..be careful who you buy from and make sure they authentic and reputable sellers:) and… Have fun with it!..Enjoy your haunted dolls!