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    Under protection of the goddess

    Hello All You Lovely Spirit Keepers; Healers; Treasure Hunters; and other assorted Curiosity Seekers! Welcome to our Mysterious World where you can finally get the answers you seek about this fascinating and wonderful world of Spirit Collecting where science meets spirituality and you can get answers to your most burning questions….such as: What IS this spirit collecting phenomenon all about and How does it work? And…What is energy healing and how can it help me? Join our Are You BeWitched Too Forum and talk with us and others about anything you can think of…we even have a board for you to talk about anything you would like too!

    About Our Team:

    I am Aura Rhanes..the Witch in charge..lol..I guess you could say I am the heart of this business…though this is much more than just a business to us and we hope our genuine caring about all our clients and customers shines through ~ All of my wonderful team and I welcome you to Are You BeWitched Too and it is our hope that in some small way, you come away with the support and empowerment you need to be the very best YOU you can be! I am a Reiki Grand Master of many forms of Reiki; Crystal Healer; Rev. High Priestess of my ancestral family tradition; Spiritual Medium; LightWorker; Writer & Artist…I won’t go on but you get the picture..lol

    Forum Administrator & Technical Expert and Support : Jani otherwise known here as : StatusD ~ Jani is a wonderful guy and I know your going to love him as much as we do! Without his awesome brain power and selfless support we couldn’t have done this so we are very proud and grateful to have him on our team!:)

    Creator and Artist At Are You BeWitched Too and Maker of All our fabulous healing tools as well as helps me make all the ritual tools we will be offering as time allows as well as being the rock on which I stand:) He is also very well versed in all aspects of this business as well as being a powerful Master Reiki Healer, incredible artist & craftsman..and more..in his own right:  Tom, the love of my life and the reason I am able to be here for all of you. He is as passionate about helping people as I am and loves what we do.

    And last but certainly not least is our lovely Daughter, Star Spirit…who provides much creative insight and hand crafts beautiful creations for us as well as being a powerful structural integration practitioner and energy healer as well. She is very busy these days but we are hoping she will find the time soon to join the team on line as well..Although I am sure she will pop in from time to time as well to say hello!:)

    4/26/2015 We have just added a new awesome member to our team! Please Welcome Carol Intha to the Are You Bewitched Too team! Carol…known here as Lady Lone Wolf..:) makes gorgeous coven made bohemian hippy jewelry for us that you will see from time to time offered now by us. She is a powerful witch and jewelry maker and has been part of our circle for years. We know your going to love her! She now has the title of Shop Worker here! She is a wonderful person and a true artist of what she does and makes the most awesomely powerful magickal items!:)

    * Have a Magickal & Blessed Day! *